History of Bush-Keller

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Bush-Keller Sporting Goods opened in 1944 as a hardware and general merchandise retailer. In 1946, Charles H. Bush and Art Keller incorporated a full line of sporting goods products and services, eventually stepping in to fill the equipment and apparel needs of many local sports organizations, including area schools. A devastating fire in 2000 destroyed the original building, and Bush-Keller Sporting Goods moved into a temporary location on Pearl Street while planning and construction of the new structure took place. By 2002, Bush-Keller’s new 7,800 square foot facility was completed on the original building site, and operations were moved back to 340 Vincennes.

In 2012, Doug and Debbie Conway purchased Bush-Keller Sporting Goods. Now they own and operate the local sporting goods store where they create customizable uniforms for leagues and local schools.

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  1. Bryce Garland
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    Hello Doug,
    We’ve never met, but my father spoke very highly of you, his name was Ron Garland, you may remember him.
    Glad to see that you have taken over the business, hope every thing is going well for you and your family.
    Just wanted to say Hi. I noticed the old building was torn down and rebuilt, looks good.
    I’ve moved away to Elizabethtown, KY , and have my own family and grandkids.
    Bryce Garland

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